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Invest In Micro Loans:

The yield on investments is up to 600% per annum

Daily accrual of interests on investments

Many tariff investment plans to suit all tastes

Insurance of investments, collateralized property guarantee fund

How It Works

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Insurance Guarantee Fund

Insurance guarantee fund was established to provide additional security of funds invested by the investor in loans to small, medium businesses, and collateral financing. When investing funds, you can always get additional security for your deposits, by paying 5% of the deposit to the guarantee fund.

Current guarantee fund amount: 747 767 413 rubles (in real time).

Why Choose Us?


Your investments are in stably developing, highly profitable business.

In most countries, mutual crediting market is growing by more than 200% per year. And such mechanisms as insurance guarantee fund and collateralized property guarantee fund reduces investment risks to almost zero.


You can track funds invested in real time.

Individual statistics of issued loans is available to each investor in the personal account. You can always see where your investments are working and their amount.


The unique automated loan issuance system.

The system will automatically allocate your investments for issuance of multiple loans by investing not more than 5% to each of them. Thus, a reliable, diversified portfolio bringing a steady income is formed, depending on the investment tariff chosen.


Borrower selection model was developed by the German FICO company.

FICO is a leader in predictive analytics and decision-making technologies, it is our technical partner. Within 5 months together with our specialists, they have implemented its most advanced system of reliable borrower selection – FICO Application Fraud score. This allows us to minimize risks and have a profitable business.

Ease and Convenience

Everyone can become an investor.

You do not need to have special education to earn at our platform. And if you have questions, our support service is ready to answer them from 09:00 to 21:00 Moscow time.


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